Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Methods On How To Hair Weave

Although not my favorite method of hair styling, weaving has been with us before the days of Cleopatra and it still very popular today,

Below are a couple videos on how you can weave hair in your home.

Dezi uses the glue method. Instead of gluing the hair directly to her head she elects to glue the pieces onto a weave cap. This is method is very easy, and look how glorious the finish weave wig looks.


For weaving to your own hair or using a weave/wig cap you’ll need the following supplies:
Candy shows you how to weave the hair directly to your head. This method also looks easy. The video is a little blurred towards end but Candy adjusts it. So hangs in there with it. You just corn roll your own hair and then sew the tracks of the weave hair to corn rolls. Candy makes this looks easy. The drawback to this method is that over time it can break your own hair. Other than that Candy looks marvelous. 

8" Nano Rat Tail Comb
Flat Iron
Hair Scissors
Hair Ties
Duck Bill Clips
Blow dryer
Hair Conditioner

So here we are with two great method of how to save on those salon trips and weave your hair in the comfort of your home.


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