Saturday, March 14, 2015

More About Seven Ninety Seven

I want my readers  to know that the posts written for this blog will not be for ranting. You will only find reviews and links for good discount products, and no recipe will be posted that has not been cooked and eaten by my family; and in some cases, handed down to me, invented by me, or reinvented by me based on our personal taste.

NO COMMERCIAL RESTAURANT FOOD OR FAST FOOD will be reviews or posted. Is it simply not the goal of this blog. The recipes that will be posted here are for good 'old home cooking' using healthy products. 

Seven Ninety Seven will remain dedicated to reviewing and listing good quality products at discount prices. If a product is not reviewed or listed here, it either has not been seen by me, is yet to be reviewed by me, or in other cases the product's quality is not high enough to mention.

Seven Ninety Seven will be remain a fun and interesting site for readers of like minds.