Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Evelyn's Greenhouse Adventures

Hello, Darlings

After the misadventures of my first patch of seeding that I planted in July, and all of which I tossed because of contamination, I planted more today. I love my greens and I am no novice with planting and harvesting them. In fact, Stanley and I ate some that I planted last year and that was frozen because I had lots of them leftover.

Here are the new seed pots bathing in the light of the greenhouse.

Collards, 09/02/2020

Mustards 09/02/2020

Swiss Chards 09/02/2020

Bulbless Turnip greens 09/02/2020

Bed of All Weather Romaine Lettuce 09/02/2020

As for flowers, I planted some of the Jacob Ladder seeds that I after having to place three orders. The first order never arrived. The second-order I canceled because they would have arrived to last in the season. So I am hoping that three times is the charm and that I will have some actual white Jacob Ladder flowers if not later this year than in the coming years as these seeds are perennials.

Jacob's Ladder seed pots 09/02/2020

Until next time,

Chow, Darlings