Thursday, March 12, 2015

Hair! Hair! Hair! Great & Glorious Hair!

Let’s face it girls, we are a never satisfied and ever changing sex. We like changing things. Our homes. Our weight. Our spouses (joking, ... seriously, ...  maybe). Moving on. However, the one thing we are forever changing is our hair. We can’t seem to let nature be. We want to improve every lot of it. We cut it, perm it, weave it, add parts to it or in a pinch simply cover it up. 

Well, for those of us who like wearing wigs let me clue you into an online sale happening at a special little shop I discovered some time ago called Black Hairspray.

Right now, Black Hairspray is running a mega sale on their stock of full wigs, weave, and hair pieces from front lace wigs to buns and ponytails. 

For myself I purchased a couple of their Freetress Equal Synthetic Wig – Marcella for the amazing low price of $20.23 each.

I admit to being somewhat spooked about the quality of the wigs before buying. However, I took the leap and purchased. Now, I am super surprise at how thick, shiny, free flowing,  and well crafted these Marcella wigs are. Although, these are synthetic hair wigs, they are curling iron and flat iron heat safe up to 350 - 400°f. So you can change your hair style as often as you like.  

Just click the link below to rotate the image of these wigs to view it from all sides. 

Looks great, right!

 If you are still skeptical, then watch for me as I bounce around town and see for yourself. 

Let me also say that I own a front lace wig by ‘It Tress’ that is very beautiful, and these Freetress Marcella wigs are of the same great quality, but cost me ¼ of the price of the front lace wig.
An important thing to know about Black Hairspray is that they are very popular and their stock sales out fast. So if you are interested in trying them out, hurry before your favorite style and color is sold.