Tuesday, March 26, 2024

1200 Watt Microwave Oven Rice

Hello, Darlings

Recently, I bought a new microwave. I could not find the same wattage in the brand that I’m use to, so I went up to 1200 watts.

Let me say, since I have had this new microwave oven, I have had to readjust many of my recipes. Now when I microwave foods, like potatoes, pasta, and rice, I cook them on  lower settings.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my new microwave. It’s just that most of the rice I cooked with it came out hard or mushy, but today, I finally got the settings right.

Normally on a 900 to 1000 watt microwave I would cook the rice according to the direction on the package, which were 5 minutes on high and then 10 minutes on power level 5. I got perfect rice every time.

Today, and after several past failures, I discovered by lowering the power level to 6 minutes instead of 10 that I got the same perfect rice as with my old microwave oven.

I know rice cookers are “a thing”, but if you are like me and want the convenience of using your microwave oven, then this recipe will be helpful to you. Be it the recipe on the rice package or my newly developed recipe for rice cooked at 1200 watts.

1200 Watt Microwave Oven Rice


1 cup rice

1 ½ water


1.      Add water and rice into 2-quart glass casserole dish

2.      Place dish uncovered in microwave

3.      Set cook time for 5 minutes, don’t worry if after this time the water level appears to be all gone, it’s not, so then,

4.      Set power level to 6


Once the rice is done, fluff with a fork and cover with a paper towel and glass lid to absorb the extra moisture.

 Download the Recipe.

Until next time,

      Chow, Darlings

Monday, March 18, 2024

The introduction of a new site

 Hello, Darling

Tonight, I have worked very hard to bring to you my newest website. It is called "Evelyn’s Twigs, Thyme and Stranger Things Gardens". 

It is a place to post all journal entries on indoor and outdoor gardening. For more details click the title link above.

Until next time,


     Chow, Darlings