Saturday, September 5, 2015

Luisa Omielan Strikes the Happy Cord

Hello Darlings,

Let's face we are a nation obsessed with personal appearance. and some to the point it just down right ridiculou to love ourselves as we are instead of someone else image of what we must be.

This is why I like Luisa Omielan. She a no nonsense gal that states it like it is and not as other may want to heard.

 Luisa Omielan...Thigh Gap..What Thigh Gap Bitches?!

Chow Darlings

Disclaimer: Although Ms. Omielan is an reported lesbian, I, the owner of Seven Forty Seven, am very straight, However, within Ms. Omielan brand of humor one fact that cannot be denied and that is that some women regardless of race are very mean and judgmental to other women without regard to who and what those other women are really about.

There is an  honesty in Ms. Omielan humor, regardless of her overt  and raw brashness that probably brings about criticism from the straight section, but it is a honesty that cannot be denied.

View this video with an open mind. Enjoy.