Saturday, April 10, 2021

Improving a Shadyside Raise Bed

Hello, Darlings

Here on this crisp cool morning, which will later reach a blazing 85o degree, I want to share with you how I began my day.

After running some errands yesterday I bought some Persian Shield and some Liriope perennials plants for the raised bed in the outer backyard garden. This arrangement was inspired by the Liriope was all ready there by its lonesome self. Because this area of the garden doesn’t get much sun I needed shade plants or plants that only needed part sun to survive.

I think my choice was the right one and the results beautiful. The video shows more details.



In addition are photos of tulips that had begun to lean out of their pots. I clipped them and added them to a glass of miracle grow flower fertilizer. Then I sat them in the kitchen window. The way they lean in the glass looks beautiful.

Lastly, is a day view and night view of my new ‘St. Fiacre, in the Gardener Statue’. I broke the first one and was upset with my clumsiness.

Oh, and let’s not forget one of my latest photos at 70 years old. I recently got my second Pfizer vaccine, and it has really uplifted my spirits immensely. I am so happy that I got them.

Until next time,

Chow, Darlings


Sunday, March 28, 2021

Evelyn’s Mary Garden Clean Up, Year 2

Hello, Darlings,

I woke at the ungodly hour of 4 AM, and since I wasn’t sinking back down into dream world, I watched a little television until I convinced myself that dream world was far from my reach; so at  6 a.m. I got up and cleaned the bathroom, made coffee and then dressed to tackle the garden. And as you know from my previous posts, I have been working toward getting my Mary Garden in shape for this spring and summer for a while. 

However, now that that ugly mulch is gone, the task was to remove the last of the dead leaves.  To do this I used the following equipment:

  1. BLACK+DECKER BEBL7000 3-N-1 VACPACK 12 Amp Leaf Blower,Vacuum, and Mulcher
  2. A 26 Inches Agri-Fab 45-0218 Push Lawn Sweeper

From this point on I’ll let the rest of videos and photos tell the story of how I am preparing my garden for the second year.



 Working on it;








Paved area of backyard:

 What's next:

Until next time,’