Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Share A Little Holiday Cheer

Hello, Darlings

After Thanksgiving we felt putting the Christmas decorations would brighten our moods and lighten our hearts about this unusual and stressful year because of all the problems brought on by COVID 19, and the most grueling Presidential election in America's history.

Below are some pics of our decorations as well as a couple videos.


We are all prepared and waiting for the big day.

This stated, we wish you all a very

Until next time,

         Chow, Darlings

Thursday, November 19, 2020

Meet Fred, the Oak Tree??? Nope, Fred The Indian Laurel.

Update: Upon further research I discovered the true species of Fred.  It is not an oak tree as first thought; it is an Indian Laurel, Ficus microcarpa. 

I  got curious about Fred's species after noticing that its leaves are very similar to those on my Ficus Benjamina but more compact. So sorry about the plant mid-identificaion.

Ficus Benjamina

Hello Darlings,

We hope you managing well during COVID 19 crisis. Below is a little note from my 'How My Garden Grows, or Not, Sic : The Life and Cultivation of My Little Garden journal. It is the file where I get real about my gardens indoor and outdoor. It is full of my successes and failures over the years as well as all that I have learned so far about plants and gardening in general.  It will never be completed because there is always more to learn. 


Journal entry:

11/19/2020 – Okay. Back in August I noticed that there was a young tree growing on the awing roof in the back yard. I knew that it couldn’t stay there as it wouldn’t get enough nutrient from where is had rooted itself, and if it did manger to grow it would likely bring down the awing from its weight. Therefore, today a couple of nice guys removed it for me and I planted it in a spare pot that was sitting around.

The photos below are the before and after photos of Fred’s journey from roof top to pot.




Why, "Fred"? Well, why not.

    Until next time,

        Chow, Darlings.

Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Walmart has Televisions on Sale at Budget Pleasing Low Prices!

As you know I am a great fan of Roku television and devices. My family and I purchased them long before they became a household name here in the USA. We started with a simple streaming stick for our old Panasonic 720p TV, and today everything we watch is stream through our Roku television set. 

What we loved about the Roku products is that it opened our world to global entertainment. We stopped being limited to what regular broadcast TV and cable TV had to offer. If we thought Netflix was a new and welcome relief from our regular viewing fair, than the hundreds and hundreds of free and paid channels offered by Roku, may it the platform streaming king for streaming viewing.

To date we enjoy and highly recommend such streaming channels as:

·         AsianCrush

·         Crunchyroll

·         Disney+

·         Funimation

·         Netflix

·         HiDive

·         Rakuten Viki

·         Hulu

·         The CW and CW Seed



Et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.  This list is much longer and is growing and changing all the time with what the viewers are willing to watch whether it is free or paid channels. 



Within the past four years along, Roku devices and televisions sales have increased so much and became so popular among teens and adults looking to watch anime and other foreign television series and films that other television manufactures invested in the Roku platform and put it in their own products.  Some television manufactures even offered the Roku sticks as a bonus for buying their televisions that did not have such a large streaming ability.



Alas, and as you have probably guessed, this long dialog brings me around to what I wanted to share, and that is Walmart is having a blow out sale on televisions and many of these televisions are Roku or have the Roku platform installed. 



 The sale of these televisions runs from $89.99 up to $398.99 and from 24-inch to 55-inch 4k.  To grab your own television click the link below while they last!



Walmart TV Deals!


Thursday, October 1, 2020

My new domain and subdomains adresses on Google

Hello, Darlings

If you lost me because of the Google transition from their old format to their new format, here are the new addresses for all of my websites.

Seven Ninety Seven “Home Of The Bargain Queen”

A Catholic’s Life, Anew

My Anime Nook

Tito’s Cavern

Comic Review

Anime Links

Widescreen Online Review

Check out my article  Widescreen Online Review’s October Days of Terror,


Until next time,

Chow, Darlings

Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Evelyn's Greenhouse Adventures

Hello, Darlings

After the misadventures of my first patch of seeding that I planted in July, and all of which I tossed because of contamination, I planted more today. I love my greens and I am no novice with planting and harvesting them. In fact, Stanley and I ate some that I planted last year and that was frozen because I had lots of them leftover.

Here are the new seed pots bathing in the light of the greenhouse.

Collards, 09/02/2020

Mustards 09/02/2020

Swiss Chards 09/02/2020

Bulbless Turnip greens 09/02/2020

Bed of All Weather Romaine Lettuce 09/02/2020

As for flowers, I planted some of the Jacob Ladder seeds that I after having to place three orders. The first order never arrived. The second-order I canceled because they would have arrived to last in the season. So I am hoping that three times is the charm and that I will have some actual white Jacob Ladder flowers if not later this year than in the coming years as these seeds are perennials.

Jacob's Ladder seed pots 09/02/2020

Until next time,

Chow, Darlings

Monday, August 31, 2020

Evelyn’s DIY ‘Mary Garden’ Follow-up 5: Jesus with Children

Hello, Darlings

Besides writing hair care tips about coping with front lace wigs, I set out my newest statue. As you can see, it is a statue of Jesus with children. Regardless, of what anyone thinks, I love kids. My past work with kids and several of my web sites are proof of that.

Nevertheless, because this statue is lighter than I expected, I glued it two one of the edging stones, which is as close to the color of the statue as possible. I then placed it on top of one at the bottom and added more around the sides and the rear of the statue to create a mountain effect. The ivy vines are not real.  I know its cheating but I wanted to hide the open spaces between the placements of the stones. The tall flowers planted in the circle are lavender colored Ruellias and a red Penta shrub.

I transplanted them into the circle the other day, so they should all return to bloom soon.

The overall effect is beautiful and dramatic. 

Let me say this:

We are all Jesus children, the young, and the old. Some people in this modern age tend to believe or want others to believe that when we are older that only infants and small children matter in the eyes of Jesus. Well, they are wrong. We adults will always matter too. After all, weren’t we once his infants?

Until next time,

     Chow Darlings.

P.S. Below are recent photos of Mary and the plumeria plants, which is growing fast. It should be beautiful when it begins to bloom next year. Click to enlarge.

  These Plumeria plants have comes a long way from the sticks they use to be.