Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Walmart has Televisions on Sale at Budget Pleasing Low Prices!

As you know I am a great fan of Roku television and devices. My family and I purchased them long before they became a household name here in the USA. We started with a simple streaming stick for our old Panasonic 720p TV, and today everything we watch is stream through our Roku television set. 

What we loved about the Roku products is that it opened our world to global entertainment. We stopped being limited to what regular broadcast TV and cable TV had to offer. If we thought Netflix was a new and welcome relief from our regular viewing fair, than the hundreds and hundreds of free and paid channels offered by Roku, may it the platform streaming king for streaming viewing.

To date we enjoy and highly recommend such streaming channels as:

·         AsianCrush

·         Crunchyroll

·         Disney+

·         Funimation

·         Netflix

·         HiDive

·         Rakuten Viki

·         Hulu

·         The CW and CW Seed



Et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.  This list is much longer and is growing and changing all the time with what the viewers are willing to watch whether it is free or paid channels. 



Within the past four years along, Roku devices and televisions sales have increased so much and became so popular among teens and adults looking to watch anime and other foreign television series and films that other television manufactures invested in the Roku platform and put it in their own products.  Some television manufactures even offered the Roku sticks as a bonus for buying their televisions that did not have such a large streaming ability.



Alas, and as you have probably guessed, this long dialog brings me around to what I wanted to share, and that is Walmart is having a blow out sale on televisions and many of these televisions are Roku or have the Roku platform installed. 



 The sale of these televisions runs from $89.99 up to $398.99 and from 24-inch to 55-inch 4k.  To grab your own television click the link below while they last!



Walmart TV Deals!


Thursday, October 1, 2020

My new domain and subdomains adresses on Google

Hello, Darlings

If you lost me because of the Google transition from their old format to their new format, here are the new addresses for all of my websites.

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