Tuesday, December 27, 2022

Red Waxed Amaryllises Updated

 Hello, Darlings

As promised, below are a couple photos showing today's growth progress of the two Red Waxed Amaryllises I bought. 


Next year I will add a snowy backdrop to hide the dvds on the shelves.



In truth, although these bulbs were sold as red amaryllis, they look more like Tropical orange-gold amaryllis blooms, which is considered one of the hardest amaryllis plant for harsh winter weather. 

Nevertheless, as expected these amaryllises should be in full bloom on New Year's Day. I will update this post on that day.

Until next time,

        Chow, Darlings

Wednesday, December 21, 2022

Happy Holidays 2022!

 Happy Holidays, Everyone!

I have had one heillobouu (is that even a word) of a week, but regardless of the nonsense going on around me, I want to share a little bit of my Christmas 2022 with you. In past few years I have developed an interest for miniature Christmas villages. I started by buying one or two pieces a year.  Here what is a portion of it look like today.

These two Red Waxed Amaryllises are the latest thing. While they have just to bloom, their growth rate under plant light is amazing. I received them on November 23th and immediately placed them under the plant lights. It is four days before Christmas and they will probably bloom in time for the New Year. I usually buy the regular bulbs; they too grow and bloom well under plant lights.  Nevertheless, these waxed covered Amaryllis are a wonder to me, and I wanted give them a try. Once they bloom, I will update this post.

About this Christmas cactus. I nurtured it for years and it never bloomed. Earlier this spring, I doubled up on feeding blooming fertilizer, dry and wet. Last month before the high wind from the tropical storms arrived it was showing some buds, but when the storms past through, the buds went with them. I thought no flowers this year. However, I continued to feed and water as usual, and a week after the storms there were new buds all over the plant. I then brought it in the house and placed it under the plant light. And, Wow! This old cactus plants loves it. The blooms are big and beautiful, so I guess the secret it a big luscious cactus plant that blooms just in time for  Christmas into give it plenty of blooming fertilizer throughout the year

I hope you have enjoyed my little Christmas display

Stan and I wish all A Happy and Wonderful Christmas Season and Prosperous New Year.

God Bless!