Thursday, February 22, 2024

Making Seniors and Arthritic Suffers Life Easier

 Hello, Darlings

Recently I discovered easiest way to clean my microwave oven. If you do not already know, here is a simple trick.  Place a full glass of water inside of your microwave. Let the microwave run for about 4 to 5 minutes so that the steam will generated inside the microwave. The steam will soften the stains making clean up quicker and easier.

Okay, this product is great for those of us with arthritic hands, bad knees and backs. It is a cordless power spin scrubber with an adjustable telescopic extension arm for cleaning bathroom tiles, shower, edges of floors, corners, stoves, countertops, sinks, windows, and more.

For years, I have had attached jumbo paper clips attached to one of my wired spice rack to hold up my recipes for quick reference while I prepare our meals. In addition, for a lightweight recipe book you can use a pants hanger with a swivel hook.


You can hang a plastic lined clothe planter to store large cooking utensils over your food prepping area for easy use. I have one attached between two spice racks and another attached to a wired storage shelf across the the room.


Now this one is an amazing new discovery. Let’s face it, at one time or another we all may have had an accidental fire on our stove. Well, while trolling the web, I came across a neat invention called a fire blanket (No there was no fire; I was truly trolling the web. It can be as satisfying as windows shopping). Anyway, I bought a couple of these fire blanket as a prevention measure just in case a fire occurs. To use them all you need to do is when a fire occurs place the fire blanket over the entire stove top to smother the fire.  Better and quicker than using flour.

Okay, this last product is another good one for those of us with arthritic hands. It works with pressurized air that pushes the clog down the drain or toilet bowl with a push of a button. Face it, it is less expensive than calling a plumber.

All of the upon tips and products were chosen for their ability to help seniors living alone and/or people with arthritic hands, painful knees and backs. They can be found anywhere; however, most people regardless of age or physical health would find them and other like them helpful.  I hope you do too.

 Until next time,

      Chow, Darlings

Saturday, February 10, 2024

My "Game Day Antipasto Dip" Correction

Yo, yo, yo, Darlings!

It’s Super Ball time. Not that I’m such a great fan, but my husband Stanley loves the game. So today, I made him my fabulous Game Day Antipasto Dip, pictured below. While making the dip I notice I mentioned adding potato topping to the bowl of ingredients to the mix but forgot to add the type and amount to the list of ingredients in my previously posted recipe.

I have now corrected the error, but I won’t bore you with the entire recipe again, but to boost up the flavor of the dip try adding 1 tablespoon of dry potato topping; I generally add fresh success for baked potatoes, or you can also add some dried pizza seasoning instead. The choice is yours.

Have fun watching the game.

Until, next time,

       Chow, Darlings!