Monday, February 6, 2023

My Surprise Evening with Patti La Belle on Stage

Hello, Darlings

Because my seventy-second birthday is coming up, I went to the theater last night to see Patti La Belle for the first time in concert. It turned out to be one of the most remarkable and will remain one the most memorable night’s of my life. Patti rocked the theater and my ear drums as well with the clarity and volume of her famous voice. She told us she was 78 years young and that she has been performing for sixty years.  She sung many of her signature hits, including my favorite, “Lady Marmalade” and some gospel.


The night was also special because someone gifted me a box ticket for no other reason than kindness. I was overwhelmed and happy. 

If that surprise gift was not enough, after the concert, I met Eric Seats who is Patti La Belle’s drummer. He stated that he has been with Patti for eighteen years. Of course when he approached me, I did not recognize him. Moreover, he paid for my taxi ride home, because after using my cell phone to take pictures of Patti on stage, I ran its batteries down and missed the taxi I had called. “A true lady in distress”. 



Granted the picture and film of Patti performing is not as sharp as I wanted, but was better than all the rest.  However, the picture of me with drummer Eric Seats is perfect.



“How is that for a couple of surprise birthday gifts for a great-grand mom?”

Until next time,