Thursday, February 2, 2023

Decorating a White Vinyl Fence Panel

 Hello, Darlings

You remember this decor that was in my garden last year. 

Well, it was not destroyed by wind, rain or hurricane it was destroyed by a neighbor’s small boy. He tore into a selection of the weaving down by the left leg of the panel. That damage made the panel unstable and it would no longer stand up straight. I had to trash it. The boy did the damage because he thought I trashed a ball of his. I did not, and it never crossed my mind. In any case, his balls should remain in his yard, and not my yard, or in a yard two doors down from his yard.

That was back in September 2022 during the stormy weather. It was because of the stormy weather that I saw the damage. To replace it, I bought the white vinyl fence panel pictured above. It had been standing in the garden for months, just glaring blankly at me like an old drive movie screen. I did not like it being so white and empty, so today I decorated it, and I think it looks much better.

 The led lights are solar and have two modes. The first is a soft white and second is a color mode ranging from red, yellow, green and blue. I will only use the colored ones during the Christmas holidays later this year.

Until next time,

     Chow, Darlings