Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Easter Cactuses Blooming --- Again!

Hello, Darlings

Before I start my day I want to share with you a couple photos of my Easter Cactuses. I bought them last year from one of our local supermarkets, and like the Christmas cactus, once they had stopped blooming I continue to feed and water them in order to keep the phylloclades (stem segments) alive. Now they are starting to bloom again, something I didn’t really expect. Thankfully, indoor gardening under lights is proving successful for many of my plants that I struggled to keep alive indoors in past years.  I really enjoy discovering plants that normally need light of the sun do well just under plant lights.


Easter Cactus Left

Easter Cactus Right
Well, I got a busy day ahead of me, soo …

Until next time,

    Chow Darlings


Have a great day, everyone!