Thursday, June 16, 2022

What to do with a damage product when the seller does not want it back

Hello, Darlings

Okay, sometimes we get damaged goods (and heaven forbid not too often) from a company that we have known and trusted for years. In some instants the company will allow you to keep, donate or dispose of the product.

Well, this happened to us just recently with a cabinet we use for storing linen. We have limited closet space, so the cabinet was a necessity. We contacted the seller and after some back and fore we were allowed to keep, donate or dispose of it. Therefore, given these options we elected to keep and try to repair it.

The problem was that the cabinet came with a split wooden side panel and locking inserts that did not fit. Several of the pre-cut holes for the locking inserts were too large and deep. Each time you attempted to lock the panel and the shelves together, the locking inserts would be pushed deeper into the holes. The split wooden side panel probably happened by applying too much pressure when making the holes for the locking inserts at the manufacturer’s warehouse.

Anyway, after buying some L-shaped hinges and 8-hours of labor of applying them, the photos below is the results and also a picture of another cabinet and how it should be if not damaged.

Multi repairs

How one look without damage

In conclusion, do not be too quick to dispose of a damaged product. 'If you have some DIY skills and some luck, you can probably save something that would have probably been recycled for parts.

And pray for ‘no more damage products’ to arrive.

Until next time,