Tuesday, September 12, 2023

From Shrub to Tree

Hello, Darlings

I thought it was about time that I  shows the growth of my Benjamina Ficus tree that  I bought back in June 2020. After three years of letting it grow untouched and reaching a height of 4 feet and 2 inches, I finally trimmed it, repotted it and entwined its branches.  I wanted to wrap the lower branches, but I could not find the wrapping material. I know it is among my plant supplies. I just have to reorganizes them … again. In addition, I do not know what is best, wrapping the lower branches or entwining them. I will have to research the subject. However, and as  it has been said, “ A picture is a thousand words”, so below are photos of my Benjamina Ficus tree starting when I first got up to the today. 

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Benjamina Ficus  & Indoor Calamondin

I also took some cutting from the Benjamina Ficus to try to propagate them. This is my first try, so it will be interesting to see if they root with the organic soil and the rooting medium I have used for years with other plants, including  Fred, the Indian Laurel. It has been three years since I had it plucked from the roof as a young sapling and potted it.


Benjamina Ficus cuttings

Fred, the Indian Laurel 

Until next time,

      Chow Darlings