Sunday, September 3, 2023

Evelyn’s Patio Furniture Makeover: Assembling and Painting the New Pack Bench

Hell, Darlings

As you know back in July of this year, I started my restoration project on my lawn furniture. During that period, I discovered the two iron rockers were fixable but the iron bench and the two recliners were not cost effective to fix as two tubes of the Por Patch filler and seam sealers cost me $53.14 just to do the two rockers and that not include the cans rust preventive Rust Oleum. Now the Por Patch is $34.71 a single can. See previous post: Evelyn’s Patio Furniture Makeover and Evelyn’s Patio Furniture Makeover - My Mary Garden. Therefore, I after patched up and painted the rockers, I bought new recliners and a new park bench, which sat in the house until today, because the weather was too hot the work in the yards.

 I am posting some pictures and a few videos that will show the steps I took the put the new park bench together, and how the new recliners look with their decorated covers. 


Once this new bench dries, it will be covered and placed in the Mary Garden alongside the two rockers. Then my husband and I will clean up the debris left by the high winds and rains of hurricane Idalia.


Below is the remains of our greenhouse, another victim of the hurricane's winds. It too will be replaced.

Until next time,

      Chow, Darlings