Tuesday, January 3, 2023

Red Waxed Amaryllises Updated Two

 Hello, Darlings

We hope you all had an overall great holiday season. For us Catholics the Christmas season is six weeks long, so we are still within it. 

Today, as promised are photos of the Waxed Amaryllises in blooms. opened fully after New Year Day.


As stated in my previous post, it is amazing that these Amaryllises bloomed in waxed. I think the whole process is wonderful. However, these flowers are not the true red Amaryllises I expected for Christmas. Only the bulbs is wrapped red wax. 

Wonderful idea, however, when buying online, as I did these, like me you might get the true red color you want. Therefore, I give these waxed Amaryllises four stars out of five because of their colors.

Until nest time,

           Chow, Darlings