Tuesday, January 3, 2023

Experiencing Windows 11 Woes? Want Widows 10 back?

Were you like me? Did you jump on the free Windows 11 operating system  upgrade bandwagon from Windows 10, which was working perfectly well at the time, only to discover a world of configuration problems, missing apps, as well as a new look that eradicated all the perfect and fine tuned and useful tools on the file explorer navigation bar? 

To make matters worse you failed to read the fine print that stated that you had only ten days to try Windows 11 before it became irreversible.

Six months later. Are your tears still falling? Stop pulling at your weave! And for god sake, don’t sling your pc or laptop out the nearest window. Help is here!!!!

For months there was no solution to reversing windows 11 back to widows 10. In all truth, I disliked Windows 11 appearance. The taskbar, start window and file explorer were changed. All things that made working with windows easy were either moved or removed all together.

After months of trying programs and codes that promised to restore or replace the Windows 10 appearance for use within Windows 11, which only ended with minimum results that did nothing, but ghost themselves on top of Windows 11 and only added to the display confusion, I had had enough and thankfully Microsoft came out with a solution.

The solution is to reinstall the entire Windows 10 operating system by downgrading from Windows 11 for all times.

Therefore, for those of you who were like me and were too quick in downloading and installing Windows 11 here are links for returning Windows 10 to your beloved pc. 

Follow the direction on the Microsoft’s Create Media Creation Tool for Windows 10. However, it is also a very good idea to first watch and re-watch if necessary the two videos below that show just what steps to expect when reinstalling Windows 10.

Step 1 being, backup all your personal files and programs that you purchased.


Until next time,

     Chow, Darlings

P.S.   In case there arise some questioning about the legality and licensing of this downgrade, I assure you that it is all legal and provided from Microsoft for those wishing to return to their licensed Windows 10 operating system.

In short it’s FREE!