Sunday, August 9, 2020

Evelyn’s DIY ‘Mary Garden’ Follow-up 3 - How My Garden Grows- Progress

Hello, Darlings

Below is today's follow up on my Mary Garden; a.k.a. ‘How my Garden Grows” parts 1 and 2.
In this first video, I mistakenly named my Gardenias Gladioli. I believe this is because I love gladioli where I planted them in Kentucky and want to plants some for next spring.

 I go on and talk about how this garden was years in the making and that by adding plants and supplies to it each year, it is now as seen. In other words, it is not an instant garden at an enormous one time cost. It took time and years of learning about each plant and their care to create it.

Making it a Mary Garden was a personal and religious choice as I am a Roman Catholic. It was a no brainer after seeing one online. I am what a previous Monsignor called me a "Free thinking Catholic".

As stated in the video above, the plant between the orange bush and lemon bush is a Plumeria-Frangipani and the flowers will look something like the ones
This is a picture of my Greenhouse and its seeds pots greens, spinach, and Swiss Chard before someone vandalized them. 

This is after the vandalism
Soil and seeds from the Swiss Chard pots.
Soil and seeds from the Swiss Chard pots
Someone poked a finger in these seed pots

The video shows the destruction of some of my seed pots and where someone used a finger to poke into some of the pots. As the shelf had been knocked down, the pots of Swiss Chards were lying on their sides, and the seeds with most of the soil are on the ground. I believe this happened last night.

From a psychological standpoint, I understand but do not trust people who think and behave in such a manner. Nevertheless, I will plant more seeds in these pots and carry onward.

Until next time,

Chow Darlings.