Sunday, August 2, 2020

Evelyn’s DIY ‘Mary Garden’ Follow-up

Hello, Darlings

It has been a while since my last article. Today is a follow up on my progress in creating my Mary Garden. Let me tell you, this DIY project is my most ambitious to date.  From the video below, you see, although not finish, it was in the article, Jetta among the Saints, that I introduced my plans to create the garden with the limited space in the backyard.


Back then I thought that the area was more shaded because of the three oak trees there. However, I have watched the rising and setting of the sun, as well as the change in directions in that area, and I have discovered that more sunlight comes in there than I first thought. This is a plus and it means depending on the season I can do more creative planting. 


As I stated above this project is still a work in progress and I am looking to this fall and winter creative additions.


In this concrete portion of the yard, I added a couple of mats of artificial grass since there is no grass. It’s a nice touch and I like the quality of the mats because they look like real grass. I can also vacuum them. Oh yeah! Oh yeah!


Click to enlarge photos.

Here is Mother Mary. One day this week, I will plant these flowers around her, and the same goes for Saint Frances of Assisi on the opposite side.

Stanley helped me with the mulch and we made this raised bed out of a pair of damaged side rails of a queen-size bed.  ‘Waste not want not’. Recycling is good. Nevertheless, this is where I will plant my collard, mustard, and turnip greens this year. 

Over here is my standing raised bed where I have already planted some “all-weather lettuce”. It is  a wild lettuce with a slightly earthy flavor. They can also be added to greens for cooking. The same is true of Romaine lettuce.

 These are the areas I still need to finish, but is for another day, as today I am poop.

     The rear

The unfinished rear of the house.

Check out my video. below. There is one blooper. In it, I called Saint Francis, Saint Joseph. Common mistake since Saint Joseph is Mary's husband. Saint Frances is the patron saint animals and the founder of the men's Order of Friars Minor, the women's Order of Saint Clare, the Third Order of Saint Francis, and the Custody of the Holy Land. 

Well, this is the end of my follow-up. I hope you find it of interest.

Until next time,

Chow Darlings.