Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Designing With Branches

Hello Darlings,

Today I am posting my newest DIY project. I have become very fascinated with working with branches for wall hangings.  The photo below are of the simple wall hanging I made with a single branch, some colorful beads and feathers.

This project took me less than a week to complete including the time used to gather the supplies.

As you can see I like it so well that I surrounded it with four inexpensive religious prints on a west wall in the living room. I think the effect is very dramatic and striking when you walk in the front door and see it.

The photos below are of a larger wall hanging that is in progress.  The branch is 6 foot long, and it is made with macramé cords. Being in this beginning stage it looks a little ill designed. However, l am working on it in stages and will keep you up to date on its progress. 

When finished it will hang on the south side wall in the living room. I also like making dreamweavers and once this one is completed it will be the third one to hang in the house.

Finally, the photos below are that of a couple of antique looking religious wall carvings that I intend to restore and bring into this 21st century.  What I actually decide to do will be interesting. However, they look as if they were painted and then distressed. I am not sure this is something I want to do. What I actually decide to do will be interesting.

Click photos large view.

Until next time, good night and sleep tight,


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