Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Look Out Amazon! Walmart Is Making The Moves!


Hello Darlings,

I know you heard it. I know you read it.  However,  let me reiterate it. Walmart is now offering 2-day free shipping on all purchases equaling $35 or more. That's right a minimum of $35, eligible items, and no membership fee gets you 2-day free shipping. You know what this means. More value shopping for us bargain hunters. However, unlike Amazon 2-day free shipping, keep in mind WalMart's offer has a daily time limit. To get the 2-day free shipping, you must make your purchased before 2PM each day.

This announcement was made today, and you can see its logo when you sign onto your Walmart account.

 Hooray! Like our mothers always say, "Every little bit helps" .

Good job, Walmart!

Chow, Darlings.