Monday, April 27, 2015

Monday's April 27, 2015 Money Saving Tips

Hello Bargain Hunters,

Today I have a few useful and money saving household tips.  I know we have all bought hair care products that after a few sprays one of the following happens: 

  1.  the can fails to spray, 
  2. the cap gets lost, or   
  3. the spray stem breaks

      If the hair care product was just purchase there is no problem with exchanging the can for a new one. However, what about those times when the can is more or less full and you have thrown out the receipt? 

This is when my handy little tip comes into action. Assuming that the can of spray is of a low or non aerosol type, such as oil based products, than this method will work. However, I do advise caution in punching holes in any type of can.

This said, here is what you will need:

1.      a hammer
2.      a flat head screw driver
3.      a large nail
4.      a handy reusable spray bottle
5.      a funnel that fits the spray bottle’s opening

The picture below shows the spray can and the hole I made in it. 

First you lay the can on its side as pictured. Then you hammer about three holes closely together with the nail. To make the large hole as pictured use the screw driver and hammer it through the smaller holes and twist the screw driver around until the hole is round. If by this point the can have not blown you across the room, kidding, kidding, you can now pour the oil sheen product into your personal spray bottle.  Now, you’re done.

You have not only saved your hair care product but the money it would have taken to replace it. Frankly, I would not advise using this method on cans that contain regular hair spray as many of those cans are pressurized.

Here is another little tip for preserving food.

Roaches are a problem for everyone. The battle to rid ourselves of them has gone on for centuries on centuries and yet, the little pest still exists.  Well, my tip is for saving food stuff like rice, cereals, pasta and any other food stuff that normally comes in boxes and bags.

My solution is quite simple.  Use zipped lock plastic bags.

You can stop the roaches from eating food stuff that have been partially used and in need of resealing. Zipped lock plastic bags will do that job real nicely. I have found that using the gallon size for flour and sugar is great and the 2 to 2 ½ size plastic bags for large cereal boxes works quite well.
To preserve the fresh flavor, crispiness, and taste of your food keep them in their original packaging and place it all in the zipped lock bags size of your choice.

Now, you have another method of ridding yourself of those pesky roaches while preserving the freshness of your food for later meals. 

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