Saturday, February 10, 2024

My "Game Day Antipasto Dip" Correction

Yo, yo, yo, Darlings!

It’s Super Ball time. Not that I’m such a great fan, but my husband Stanley loves the game. So today, I made him my fabulous Game Day Antipasto Dip, pictured below. While making the dip I notice I mentioned adding potato topping to the bowl of ingredients to the mix but forgot to add the type and amount to the list of ingredients in my previously posted recipe.

I have now corrected the error, but I won’t bore you with the entire recipe again, but to boost up the flavor of the dip try adding 1 tablespoon of dry potato topping; I generally add fresh success for baked potatoes, or you can also add some dried pizza seasoning instead. The choice is yours.

Have fun watching the game.

Until, next time,

       Chow, Darlings!