Tuesday, December 22, 2020

 Hello Darlings,

I hope you have gotten all those last minutes gifts and others items for this Friday, Christmas Day, and that your holidays are filled with love and enjoy. 

Below is an entry from my gardening journal,

How My Garden Grows, or Not, Sic

The Life and Cultivation of My Little Garden

12/22/2020 – Surprise, surprise! Being a Northerner to see roses blooming in late-December is both amazing and beautiful.  It is a treat because this is Florida and tender flowering plants struggle to bloom during the extreme heat and long summer months; so while seeing  roses blooming in this mid-fifty weather we are experiencing might not be unusual to many native Floridians, for me to see them is such a joy as they surround  Mother Mary. Check them out. 


Not all the bloom are fully opened. however, you can see that they are bursting forth. I'll post some pictures once they are in full bloom.

Below is St. Fiacre, the patron saint gardeners. In Ireland he is also the patron saint taxi drivers. There is an interesting story of how that came about. You can read St. Fiacre story here. This statue was designed by Toscano and is a beautiful addition to my Mary Garden.

 Enjoy you holidays.

Until next time,

         Chow, Darlings