Saturday, June 20, 2020

Jetta among the Saints

Hello, Darlings

While we are waiting for the city’s environmental department to deliver the mulch that we ordered, I took this picture of Jetta sitting among the saints. She is an old lady now, all eight years old, which is 48 in human years. She uses to be very shy but because of Sam, she is more vocal and visible.

The statue on the left is Saint Francis of Assisi, who the patron saint of animals and the statue on the right is Mary, the mother of Jesus.

Naturally, I intend to create a shade garden out of this. See the photos and the film below.

Most of what you see here is cleared, and whatever leaves and small branches that have fallen since we place our mulch order in late May can be easily removed before its delivery. The sunlight is limited and filtered but there is enough of it for some flowering plants. The shaded area is plentiful for the many shade plants I have today.

Once the garden is complete it will be dedicated as a Mary Garden, so check back later for the finished project.

Until then,

Chow Darlings.