Saturday, May 2, 2020

The Pushback Against The COVID 19 Lockdown … How Unwise Is That?

This article is inspired by Alyse Stanley and Daniel Uhlfelder article “Grim Reaper Educates Florida Beachgoers On the Benefits of Social Distancing”.

Despite the fact, many want to return to the days when wearing masks, social distancing, and the stay-at-home order was not affecting lives around the world, there are still some folks that take unthinkable risks with their lives and those of the public.

Sure all of us want to return to the normal days, but the rising number of COVID 19 positive cases and death are going unreported as frequently than in the beginning, they are rising daily and in some parts of the world, those numbers are tripling. Yet, our lawmakers want to throw us out into the world to face an unseen enemy to frankly put prevent a recession we were under before COVID 19 upended the world, turns into a depression to rival or surpass the Depression of the 1920s. 

Although the president's office can order businesses to remain open or reopen, there is no guarantee that the general public will venture out in mass to shop, or that people that are not sick will be safe from the virus.

Simply put. People are scared.

If it was not necessary, they probably would not go out any further than their mailboxes.

Should people return to work too soon given the rate of increase in the numbers of reported cases, they risk becoming ill on the job, and what about the rate of re-infection. I stress the number of reported cases as no one knows the numbers of unreported cases. It has been mention; however, no data has been presented showing that it is prudent to return to any normal activities. Still, it is understandable that some people given their financial situation have no other choice. So, what is the right thing to do?

To date, there is no cure, healthcare workers are succumbing to the virus, and there is not enough protective gear for them all or the general public, schooling is being done in a whole new way, many families and businesses are facing ruin, the food shortage is becoming apparent because workers are becoming sick and in general some people are overstocking. Because it is strongly suspected (by brave souls who did the research) that COVID 19 has been around for about two decades and that little was done about it back then, today not everyone is being tested.

As for the testing centers, there are not enough of them. They are placed too far for those without means of transportation, and none are intercity. Mail-in self-test kits beg the question of where to drop off such tests? Sadly, and faced with all these problems, the discovery of a miracle cure is ideal, but the likelihood of it happening any time soon is slight. 

Even with all the uncertainties and lack of guarantees, lawmakers are flip-flopping with public lives against the safeguards they created by asking and some cases ordering people to rush back into the fray. They know the why and how of these safeguards but the when and where to lower or totally remove them is contentious. They also know that the cases of COVID 19 are still rising and they know that that the government is breaking promises of financial support, suggesting deadly and unsafe remedies, which is frankly unthinkable, and yet social and work safeguards are being lifted in the “so-called testing areas” of the country.

I may have overstressed my point a bit but what this all comes down to is that using one’s judgment in this  COVID 19 age will probably save one’s life.

Think and don’t simply react. Consider that returning home or entering a shop from kicking sand up along the shoreline that you ran the risk of caring home something more than a tan.