Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Dining Room Chairs Makeover

Hello Darlings,

This week and probably into next week I will be spending quality time making over some chairs. These chair are all that were left after I gave up a up the huge matching dining table in exchange for fitting my kitchen islands in my apartment. Recently, I purchased a folding table to play table games, which is espresso and black. I decided to do these old dining room chair is the same colors. The chair on the left is still in transition as I have to de-gloss it  However, I believe this stain will mixed with black and I might strip the chair and find color of stain closer to what I am seeking. Or, since the center of the table is black, settle for the de-glossing.

Below is my first video in this project. It shows my current progress with the chair and what is looked like before. Its accents parts needs cleaning up a bit. I used some painter's tape to keep the stain out, but next time I will make the strips wider so the stain does not get beneath it. 

Moreover, I am in a decision stage, because as I stated above this first chair is too glossy and dark for my taste (more black than espresso), so I might just strip it and find a shade of shade closer to the folding table I just purchased. 

Decisions. Decisions.

Since the sun is out now, I wanted to show this chair is a little light. As I stated it still needs work, but you can see where I am going with this project.

Until next time,


Update 02/16/2018: The espresso stain was indeed tampered with by adding some black stain. I reported it to Amazon, and they refunded my money.  Seeing how is this has happened I decided to strip the chair and stain it along with its mates a different shade. I have purchased my new stain and supplies from our local Lowe's. I also selected a color stain closer to the the wood portion of the table pictured above. Stay tuned for the new post on this project.

Chow, Darlings.