Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Evelyn's DIY Kitchen Islands Makeover

Hello Darlings,

Today, I have been working on a project that has delighted me and tested my artistic strengths and  patience. Below are a few pictures and two of the three videos showing my progress in transforming my three kitchen islands from their former color scheme into a unified trio of black, chestnut, and copper.  

The black island, which I recently purchased, came with a natural wood countertop. I love it because of its two wide shelves that lets me store away large items. The middle island, I got last year, came in all natural wood, and the third island with the four drawers in front, also, came in natural wood, and I have had it for five years.  As a trio they have enough storage space for everything I use the most for cooking on any given day. However, I wanted them all the same in color and decor. So here I am, making my idea kitchen island trio a reality. 

I will post the third and final video below after the completion of my project. I will also list the products I am using to make this transformation workable.  I used my cell phone to record these videos, so the quality isn't as the islands really look, but you get the idea.