Saturday, March 19, 2016

Cornrow Caps: How To Use And Style Them

Freetress Braided Cap (Finished Braided Pattern on a Cap)

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For centuries women of color have been cornrowing their hair. In some area of the US the hairstyle is also known as French Braiding. However, regardless of its name, the hair is braided tightly to the scalp in continuous braids and in various designs. 

Why  use a cornrow cap for weaving hair? 

Although the reasons might vary, some women might want to increase their length, or just have a personalized no fuss style for busy work week or social schedules. In addition, for some women with thin hair cornrowing is not an option. Thus, this lack of hair volume makes weaving a challenge as well, but using the cornrow cap eliminates this challenge, and adds a natural hair look to the weave from above, unlike that of the plain nylon caps. Like full wigs and front lace wigs, using cornrow caps also helps to reduce salon fees.

Whatever the reason, there is a product that will help make weaving your own wig easy, and also spare you the maintenance and damage problems encountered with weaving directly to your scalp. Or, if you prefer, you can sew the cornrow cap directly to your own hair and then, using a sewing term, tack it to your own hair as a stay put wig. However, on this last, I recommend that if you tack, use a lighter thread for easy removal and for less damage to your natural hair.   Check out these how to videos below. 

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