Wednesday, July 3, 2024

Air Fryer Goulash (Gulasch) Quick and Easy

 Hellooooo, Darling

Evelyn here with another of my quick and easy recipes for the Big Boss air fryer. Today it is Golasch made using the Knorr Gulasch seasoning mix, a chuck roast and a few vegetables. I call it, you guest it.

Air Fryer Goulash (Gulasch)


    2.2 lb chuck roast

   1 whole onion chopped in two quarters

    2 bell peppers, one red and one orange and sliced lengthwise, then halved

    1 can stew tomato

    5 stalks of celery cut in large chunks

    1 2/3 cup of water

    2 packages of Knorr Goulash seasoning mix

    Cooking spray for air fry rack and bowl




  1. Prepare pasta, I prefer fettuccine, drain and aside
  2. Stray air frying bowl and lower rack with cooking oil.
  3. Place frozen chuck roast into a gallon baggie, add one package of the Knorr Gulasch seasoning mix. Seal baggie and shake it until roast completely covered
  4. Remove from roast from baggie and place on lower rack in the air fryer
  5. Cover air fryer with lid and set temperature 400 degree. Cook roast about 20 minute, or until seasoning brown and roast is rare.
  6. Meanwhile, cut up the onion and bell peppers as listed above.
  7. Remove roast from air fryer and cut into chunks, set aside in a covered bowl
  8. Then add the remaining package of Knorr Gulasch seasoning mix, the onion, water, celery, stew tomatoes, and bell pepper to air fryer bowl and cook until the seasoning creates a nice thick sauce. About 20 to 25 minutes; stirring often so not to burn vegetable tips.
  9. While Gulasch is cooking, make side salads of choice and  refrigerate
  10. When Gulasch seasoning mixture and vegetables are cooked to the desired doneness, stir in chuck roast chunks and cook an additional 3 to5 minutes.
  11. Serve Gulasch on top of fettuccine.

A Widescreen Online Review Plus Recipe

When shopping for the Knorr Goulash seasoning mix, you might comes across the packages written in German. If so, then just follow the recipe above and you will be alright.

Download the recipe here.