Monday, October 15, 2018

Granny's Fade

Hello Darlings,

For the past seven months I have been sporting the popular (mostly male) haircut called the fade. I really like this haircut because normally my hair when fully grown comes down to my shoulders and is very thick and heavy. Therefore, in this very hot Florida weather, my head sweats, and keeping a regular hairdo is difficult and costly.

The first time I saw the fade I knew I could wear it.  Normally a cut for men, I didn't think twice about getting it. At first, there was a little problem convincing my stylists that the fade was the haircut that I really wanted. Their main concern was that I would not like the sides cut down to hairlessness. However, once I showed the pictures of the style of fade that I wanted (there are many levels and styles), they were at ease in doing it for me.  Below are pictures of my most recent haircut.

I love it because it beats the heat and still looks stylish. Move over guys, Granny is here!

Chow, Darlings